Dries Van Noten is a F*cking Genius

Sometimes, you just GET something on an aesthetic level. I just GET Dries Van Noten. Designers I don't get- Miucca Prada- sorry, but I think 97% of the time, that's some fugly shit. Marni, could you be less sexy or flattering? 

But Dries Van Noten… we fell in love in the fall/winter of 2009, when he showed a collection in Paris that was inspired by Bacon. The sophisticated interpretation of that would be to say the collection was inspired by Francis Bacon, 20th century surrealist painter, but one can't deny that color palette of cured meat was also prevalent. 

Then there was the Spring 2013 collection, which set the trend of sheer plaids, and showed us mixing prints in a truly new way. Androgyny is always a major theme for Dries, but he never does it in an un-sexy way, he may not show all of a woman's body, but it's a kind of borrowed-from-him louchness that's even sexier than a few Kardashian Kutouts. 

Then there's his menswear… always the first rack a gravitate to on the 4th floor at Barney's. It takes a confident, slightly European maybe, man to pull off some DVN mens, but if you've got it- you GOT it. And in his Fall 2013 mens' presentation, the inspiration was the hungover, un-showered, unkempt, but chic, walk of shame of a young Parisian man. (I think that's the only way French men do a walk of any kind) 

Elvis Presley: Man of Style

Did you own more than one Elvis doll growing up? I did. They were my 'Ken', Ken was a little fem for my taste (but he did do a fabulous job decorating Stacy's new condo!) One was Jailhouse Rock Elvis, in a red satin jacket, open collar white shirt, and acoustic guitar. The other was leathah Elvis, black jacket, v-neck tee, and aggressively high pompadour. I was even into mens fashion in the Barbie years. 

But Elvis was a stylish guy, even in his more bloated years he knew how to rock a stage look. But young Elvis… swoon. Remember, these were the days before there were stylists, like myself, hired to shop for, and layout every outfit for a celebrity- Elvis' look was all him. 

Bye Bye Jeter

Yea, he's done OK for himself… Mariah, Minka, Adriana…. and at least a dozen rando models...

Yea, he's done OK for himself… Mariah, Minka, Adriana…. and at least a dozen rando models...

The Captain is hanging up his helmet this October… (did you notice that hopeful October, not September…) One of the greatest athletes of all time, Jeter has set an example of good sportsmanship, a rarity these days (lookin at you A-Rod, put down that needle) You have to wonder why he hasn't been able to lock down a lady. Look at Swisher (come back Swish!), happily married to that girl from that show… Time to settle down Derek, maybe pick a normal girl. You're gonna have some time on your hands, maybe take a cooking class, or I can take you shopping… one thing you've never excelled at… dressing. 

Do You Know What Couture Really Means?

More overused than headshots in Hollywood, the word Couture means a lot more than 'Juicy' to the French government, who reserves the right to appoint only the most qualified fashion designers to a special council, Le Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Inductees must be invited, and only then may they operate with a couture business license, and show at Couture fashion week. The list is light on Americans, Ralph Rucci begin the only US designer still in business, but currently only showing Chado Ralph Rucci, the ready to wear line. Some names that you'd still recognize include BalenciagaAlexis MabilleLanvin, and my personal favorite Giambattista Valli

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Stylish Cinema: An Education

I love movies. Good movies, bad movies, funny movies, old movies, NOT scary movies- I don't like those. But my favorite movies are always movies that have superb costume design, so I thought I'd pick a few and tell you why, beginning with An Education. 

Carey Mulligan is probably my favorite young actress, and she commands the role of a 17 year old London school girl, Jenny, in the early 60's, struggling to get enthused about University. To remedy her boredom, she gets entangled with Peter Sarsgaard's David, and his glamorous posse. Joining them on trips to Paris, where she buys French cigarettes and Chanel No. 5 for the other girls at school, art auctions, and horse races… and you can probably guess how things pan out for the couple… but I won't tell you here. 

But the WARDROBE. Oh the wardrobe. From Jenny's frumpy (but kind of chic!) school uniform, to her slow transformation into wanna-be-socialite, costume designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux shows the journey of the character through the clothes. When she realizes she needs to up her style game if she wants to fit in with the fast crowd, Jenny seeks a makeover from Rosamund Pike's uber-glam Helen. The result is a awkward glamour, Jenny looks great- but you can tell she's still kind of 'faking it'.  

An Education also speaks to the Savile Row boom of 60's London, and the men look smart in their navy suits, spread collars, and tie bars. Fun fact- Savile Row was the first place I had to see when I visited London- it's a menswear fanatic's Mecca. Another fun fact- the Beatle's Apple Record Studio is on Savile Row. 

Anyway… see An Education. 

New York Real Estate and Dating

I have this friend,  (no really, I'm not just saying that to cover the fact that this story is actually about me, I wish it were) we'll call her… Liz Lemmon. LL is a Jersey Girl, who started dating a great guy in New York City. After a few dates, Liz told me about his apartment: 

Gramercy Park, my greatest love thus far...

Gramercy Park, my greatest love thus far...

"Was it in Brooklyn?" - me

(Hi, we're 26, this is always the assumption. Or Queens… but NEVER date someone who lives in Queens) 

"No, it's in Manhattan, like, Upper East Side?"- LL 

"Oh, cool. Does he have roommates?" - me

"No, he lives alone."- LL

"WHAT." - me 

"Yea, it's really nice. There's like a doorman, and it's a one bedroom. He made dinner and we ate in his dining room, then sat on the couch and watched movies." -LL

Then I died. 

"LIZ. Do you understand what you have here? You have a 28 year old man with his OWN one bedroom apartment, on the UES, with a fucking dining room AND separate living room, and a DOORMAN?! Don't even tell me if he has central air." - me

"Yea, it's nice." - LL (Still not grasping the concept of having won the NY dating lottery)

"Liz. Tell me one more thing- is there… an in-unit washer and dryer?" - me

"Um… I think so, there's one closet that I haven't looked in yet." - LL

In the end, LL and Mr.Doorman didn't work out… but this did illuminate a ray of hope. Even in this shitty economy, 28 year old, well-employed, good-looking men DO exist...

but maybe only in New York.